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The time has finally come. Stone Brewing announced today that they will release the first Quningenti Millitire series beer. These are going to be a little hard to get considering they only plan on 500 being made but you will have your chance in a raffle.

From Stone’s Press Release

Undoubtedly you’ve been waiting with bated breath for us to announce the details of our first Quingenti Millitre release. The beer is, of course, “Ken Schmidt / Maui / Stone Kona Coffee, Macadamia, Coconut Porter Aged in Bourbon Barrels,” a suitably Pavlovian response-inducing beer to kick off this exciting

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Blackball IPA

Blackball is a limited release Belgian style IPA from Karl Strauss released under their “Karl’s Coastal Reserve” program. I have been seeing a lot of Belgian IPAs lately and Blackball doesn’t disappoint. This beer pours a golden copper color with a strong white head. The nose on this beer has a strong fruity smell with a slight citrus kick. On the front the fruit carries through followed by a nice hoppy finish at the end. Overall this is a great summer beer that I hope makes it into the regular rotation at Karl Strauss.

Description from Karl Strauss

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Do we need an excuse to drink IPAs? No, but it doesn’t hurt. August 4th has been declared International #IPADay and I can’t wait. Founded by @TheBeerWench and @RyanARoss #IPADay is a day to use social media to connect beer enthusiasts all over the world and toast to one of Southern California’s favorite styles.

From the website:

Greetings Craft Beer Drinkers! Welcome to International #IPADay — the world’s largest celebration of craft beer.

International #IPADay is a grassroots movement created to unite the voices of craft beer enthusiasts, bloggers, and brewers worldwide, using social media as the common arena for

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Veritas 009

What do you do when Lost Abbey releases what they call “one of the most complex beers we’ve ever created”? You get excited. This Saturday Lost Abbey will release a beer they would not even acknowledge existed until a year ago but that has been developing since 2007. This beer will only be available from the brewery in San Marcos starting Saturday for $35 a bottle with a strict limit of 4 bottles per person and only 1200 will be released.

Below is the info from Lost Abbey’s blog

The Lost Abbey will release the next in its coveted Veritas

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Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens--Liberty Station

On Wednesday Stone Brewery announced large-scale expansion plans and they may not all be what you would expect. Stone Brewing will be expanding in North County and down in San Diego.

Below is an overview of the plans as posted on Stone’s Blog.

1)   Stone Farms is 18-acres of beautiful farmland and oak-covered hills located just 8 miles north of our brewery in Escondido. After the previous operators of this local farm was forced to shutter, Stone stepped in to revive the farm. Under the experienced guidance of Mil Krecu, a founding member of the Tierra Miguel Foundation, Stone Farms

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Churchill's Finest Hour

It may seem cruel to review a beer you can only get at one bar in the world, but since this blog is for people in North County and this beer is available at Churchill’s in San Marcos and was brewed by Port Brewing in San Marcos, I think it works. Churchill’s Finest Hour has been brewed annually for two years now as a collaboration between Churchill’s Pub and Port Brewing. This Imperial Stout that is aged in oak barrels weighs in at an impressive 11% and has a great kick to it. This ale pours dark brown with … Continue Reading

If you love craft beer and have a smartphone there are a few apps you should be using. If you love craft beer and don’t have a smartphone, you should get one just so you can use these apps.

Tap Hunter








Tap Hunter was founded right here in San Diego and I use it often. Using either their app for Android or iPhone, or their website you can find out what is on tap at local bars and breweries. Deciding what bar to go to? Use Tap Hunter to find out what is on tap. … Continue Reading

Lost Abbey Angels Share

When I picked up this bottle of 2010 Angel’s Share Ale aged in Brandy Barrels at the store I had no idea what it was. The bottle says it is a “Malt Beverage Aged in Oak Barrels” and at 11.5% ABV I knew it would be big. The best description I can come up with is that The Angel’s Share is to beer what port is to wine. Full bodied, barely carbonated, and with a heavy liquor aroma and flavor, you almost forget you are drinking beer. If you are looking for the exact opposite of a mega-brewery light lager … Continue Reading

When my wife hears me make strange noises in my sleep and assumes I am dreaming of another woman, this is what I am dreaming about. If you are ready to take your basic home brewing setup to the next level then feast your eyes on the Synergy Complete Brewing System ($1995 and up). Hand crafted in Eugene Oregon, these all-grain home brewing systems are a perfect example of melding form and function. TIG welded stainless steel construction, high strength casters, and two 155,000 BTU burners make these pieces of art every home brewer’s dream.